Carefree holiday enjoyment


From 4th July 2020, we will be organising your holiday in a more responsible, attentive and safe manner. We will be keeping what is good and thinking in terms of the future, so that you can continue enjoying everything in our Residence with peace of mind. The art of such a great challenge lies in approaching things from a positive angle and recognising the possibilities. Through improved structure, good planning and exclusive services, we bring together a warm welcome, a feeling of security for you and your family, and mutual respect.

We are constantly reviewing our services, regularly adapting the measures to the statutory requirements and national law regulations and providing you with detailed information before your arrival.

Relaxed cancellation policy for a totally safe vacation!

We have relaxed our cancellation policy for summer 2020 so that you can book your holiday with peace of mind in these difficult times. If you are unable to start your holiday due to Covid-19 (travel ban or contagion), you can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before the start of your holiday.

Residence Michelangelo hygiene measures

Our hygiene measures respect all the national law regulations and more!

We are proud to inform our Guests that we have decided to provide an additional sterilization at Your arrival, using UVC lamps (UV-C rays so), totally safe for Your children and You all.

This type of technology is commonly used for surgery rooms, actually our hospitality innovation, in addition of standard procedures!

Down below You can find the standard procedure

We throw up the windows to air on a regular basis, carry out professional disinfection and thorough cleaning several times a day in compliance with regional and national health and hygiene regulations, and have created several disinfection zones in the common areas to ensure hygienic conditions to help keep you feeling safe.

  • Our housekeeping staff is trained in the more stringent hygiene regulations
  • Through daily airing and cleaning of all interiors using fresh cleaning utensils
  • Housekeeping staff wear gloves and face masks
  • We scrupulously disinfect using certified detergents before each arrival
  • Lift buttons, door handles, window sills, etc. are considered sensitive points of contact so they are disinfected several times a day using professional cleaning agents.
  • ResidenceĀ  kits of linen are professionally cleaned by washing them at a temperature of at least 75 Ā°C
  • Personal hand hygiene: disinfection stations are located at the entrance to all areas and on every floor
  • We make extra sure that the distance rules are adhered to in the house and keep entrances and exits separate wherever possible. If these rules cannot be observed, we ask our guests to wear a face mask for maximum safety and to wear it according to the regulations.

Staff protection
Our employees are our most valuable asset. We therefore protect them in the best possible way, regularly checking that they are in the best of health. Their good health benefits all of us.

Welcome to Residence Michelangelo
When you arrive, we have to hide our smile behind a face mask, but we make sure it shines through our eyes. Check-in and check-out will still be that special moment of welcome and hospitality. This is what we are doing to keep your stay at the reception as short as possible and to reduce it to the bare essentials:

  • Check-in: Please, before Your arrival, send us your registration data via the online reservation you made and the documents photocopies from the comfort of your own home via email
  • Check-out: On request, we can send you an e-mail in advance stating the cost of your stay, which will reduce the amount of time you have to wait at the reception desk and speed up the checkout process
  • Please note that in case of multiple reservations, we kindly ask that only one person checks in at the reception desk on behalf of everyone.

Due to Covid19 situation, we temporary suspended the daytime and evening tourist entertainment but we are looking forward to enjoying again all the leisure activities. Don’t worry! Our surroundings are full of sparkling and funny (safe) activities, bar, pubs, restaurants (etc), so this is the perfect occasion to fully experience all the comforts of our great location!

Enjoy Your Holiday @ Residence Michelangelo !