The Perfect Location

The privilege of a sea front row Residence, in the touristic center of Riviera delle Palme.

The Residence Michelangelo has the perks of being in a central position and enjoys a wonderful natural landscape, that goes from the smooth beaches of San Benedetto del Tronto and Grottammare, to the green and sweet hills that are guarded by the Sibillini Mountains, where every hill, every peak, have its own history to be told. San Benedetto del Tronto praises the presence of the most impressive promenade in Italy, with its 30 meters of length and our Residence is located in the touristic center. It’s only thanks to the fishermen' bravery that San Benedetto del Tronto became one of the most important fishing harbors in Italy and one of the most flourishing national fishing markets. The healthy cuisine, the clean air, the palms, the flowers and the sea breeze, it’s a city that never stops to renovate its landscapes, sculptures, parks, restaurants, all easily accessible thanks to the long bike path which is called “the bike path that smells like the sea”.

San Benedetto del Tronto

the 5 km long promenade of San Benedetto del Tronto, it’s one of the most striking in Italy, wrapped with palms and oleanders, that gives life to a unique show. Moreover, the bke path makes the promenade the right place for having a walk or a bicycle ride. San Benedetto del Tronto is also rich in sport facilities: tennis, skating, hockey, soccer, rugby; it also has a tourist harbor with a nautical circle, a palasport, a field to play bocce, pools, a track for athletics and a lot of other occasions to have fun.




Water aerobics, bike, trekking, surf, kitesurf, skateboard, longboard, fishing, sailing, scubadiving, etc. The Riviera delle Palme also allows to do more or less demanding excursions: you can visit the historical center of San Benedetto city. The promenade along the tourist pier, where the rocks come to life with sculptures and paintings, crossing the lines and colors of the sea. From the Nature Reserve of La Sentina, to the perched and picturesque villages, the Adriatic Coast is at the height of the most curious and enterprising tourist.

For instance, we suggest you to visit the city center of San Benedetto, with its street markets and the buskers shows, and then reach the Rock of the "old village", the original core of the city. You should always check our offers and save on your next holiday, without sacrificing the luxuries and privileges that our residence offers. Stay updated on news and any offers. Whatever your needs, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Our greatest passion is to make our guests' stay special!